Shorlin API

The Shorlin API allows you to fully automate tasks with Shorlin. Connect your mobile or web app to Shorlin via API and automate tasks like: Create links or campaigns, change, pause or delete links and much more.

Why use the Shorlin API?

  • Create links on the fly

    Create links on the fly when you need them. For example: Once you publish an affiliate link on your site, automatically replace that link with a Shorlin link.

  • Disable links

    With Shorlin, you can pause links at any time. Why don't you pause certain links for recurring offers and automatically activate them via the API on the next offer? Some users have done this with their automated newsletter campaigns.

  • Change destination URL on failure

    Once your system is notified of a link break, you could send a task request to the API to change the destination URL without risking a long downtime for the link.

  • Keep your account clean

    Why not automatically clean up your account, especially if you create a lot of links that need to be deleted regularly to keep your account clean?

  • Custom health checks

    Set up additional health checks for your links in your own system. For example, check if the SSL certificate of a link domain is valid. If not, renew it automatically via another API.

  • Customized analytics implementation

    The API gives you access to complete analytics data for each link or campaign. You can retrieve data for a specific time period and feed this data into your own analytics solution.

Easy to use

Do you know APIs that are very hard to implement and require huge libraries to send even a single request to an API? With Shorlin, you will see a different world of APIs. It is enough to use the standard tools of PHP, Java, JavaScript, Python, and many others to send a request and get a result in the same way.

Full access control

It is possible to define which clients are allowed to communicate with the API, and to restrict the use of the API via an IP whitelist. Also, the API key can be renewed at any time or the entire API can be disabled with a single click.

Fast response time

Because our API is connected to a global CDN, and we have built it resource efficient, it is extremely fast. On average, we achieve a response time of less than 100 ms in Europe, so that the API can be used without noticeably slowing down the app.

60 requests per hour

To keep our API fast and minimize delays, and to prevent other users from abusing the API for shady activities, each client can make 60 requests per hour. This number of requests is more than enough to automate the most important tasks with the API.

Support for PHP, Java, JavaScript, Python and many more

Our API supports all programming languages that are able to send HTTP requests and support POST and GET with the combination of JSON. Thus, you can successfully communicate with the API even from your website via JavaScript.

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